Replicate Data from Oracle in Real-Time

Leverage Equalum's Oracle Binary Log Parser to capture real-time data from your Oracle database. Performant, scalable, flexible Change Data Capture built into an end to end, modernized Data Integration Platform.

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Use Case

Oracle users have for long relied on the capabilities of Oracle LogMiner to replicate data between database platforms. With the release of Oracle 19c (19.1), Oracle announced that the continuous_mine option for the dbms_logmnr.start_logmnr package is desupported and is no longer available. This makes the process of real real-time replication and change data capture (CDC) significantly more complex for Oracle users. Although you may be pushed towards proprietary, expensive licenses for CDC, there is another way!

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Equalum's Oracle Binary Log Parser simplifies Real-Time Data Replication from Oracle.

How Equalum Helps

Oracle’s decision is extremely limiting to Oracle users. Equalum is 100% committed to customer flexibility. The Equalum Platform solves this challenge by providing two data ingestion methods that are fully supported in Oracle 19c as well as previous Oracle versions.

Replicating Data with the Equalum - Oracle Binary Log Parser:

We provide our own native interface, Equalum - Oracle Binary Log Parser, that bypasses LogMiner and directly mines Oracle redo/archive log files, making the entire data ingestion process more efficient. The Equalum - Oracle Binary Log Parser provides substantial advantages over any market solution based on Oracle Log Miner by:

  • Running CDC/replication pipelines 5 to 10 times faster than any market solution based on Oracle LogMiner
  • Processing data with higher throughput by handling significantly larger database workloads
  • Providing a less intrusive interface that runs outside of the database and with a lower footprint

Replicating Data with the Equalum - Oracle LogMiner Interface:

Equalum also supports data replication and CDC using LogMiner in Oracle and allows users to effectively hide all the complexities imposed by the 19c version.

Whatever the method of your preference, Equalum will provide you with the most advanced Oracle integration providing proprietary performance tuning and a load process that decouples loading from processing and enabling re-streams and efficient downstream transformation. The Equalum data ingestion platform leverages fully-managed Spark and Kafka, along with a complete library of operators for data transformation and manipulation and an intuitive user interface that delivers the best change data capture (CDC) and replication experience on the market.

Provides the best-in-class security, monitoring, fault tolerance, and availability.

Seamless Integration

Native, plug-and-play methods of integration with Oracle all major databases and systems; breakthrough use of CDC creates minimal system strain.

Speed and Scalability

Combines unique scalability capabilities with the power of Spark and Kafka to provide extremely fast data ingestion between Oracle and any number of sources and targets.

Zero Coding

In addition to replication, it eliminates complex ETL programming and scripting with a zero-coding approach to perform comprehensive transformations and manipulations.


Provides the best-in-class security, monitoring, fault tolerance, and availability.

Real-Time Analytics from Oracle Data

A Fortune 500 oil and natural gas exploration company struggled with previous data ingestion processes with 10 minutes latency at best, creating big operational and business risks. Developing additional data ingestion processes was very time consuming with hundreds being added every quarter.

Equalum was brought in to stream drilling rigs data, approximately 20,000 events/second with latency of 1 second from Oracle and other sources to a data analytics environment – powering real-time analytics for drill site optimization.

"We tested six products and Equalum was the only product able to deliver the latency and performance requirements we had"

Software Engineer Specialist, Oil & Gas Company

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