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Centralize Operational Data in a Data Warehouse with Equalum

Organizations looking to centralize operational data into a data warehouse typically encounter a number of implementation challenges. Large data volumes can render ETL processes unstable or introduce unacceptable lag, increasing batch frequency (e.g., from daily to hourly) can create overhead on the underlying database or application, and schema evolution can lead to costly maintenance and custom coding needs over time. Furthermore, legacy CDC tools offer limited transformation and enrichment capabilities and are typically priced for isolated use cases rather than enterprise-wide usage. And both traditional ETL and CDC tools provide limited support for newer database technology (e.g., NoSQL) and non-database sources.

How Equalum Helps

Equalum provides teams with a fully managed, end-to-end solution to centralize operational data from throughout the enterprise into a data warehouse to power real-time analytics. Equalum’s zero-coding interface enables teams to set up connections to any database or non-database data source in the enterprise, with no custom development required. Best-in-class CDC technology captures all data changes with minimal impact on data source, while a powerful engine that combines Equalum’s native technology with the power of Spark and Kafka provides infinite scalability and performance in transporting data – whether in real-time or batch.

With Equalum, Teams Can:

Centralize all enterprise data to their data warehouse

Equalum connects seamlessly to any data source, including newer database technology and non-database systems and applications. And a proprietary engine powered by Spark and Kafka delivers data at any scale, either streaming or in batch.

Extract data without impacting source applications

The most robust CDC on the market captures database changes in real-time data ingestion with minimal overhead.

Build data pipelines in minutes

Equalum’s zero-coding interface makes it easy to configure, transform, and transfer data from any source – with no development required.

15x Increase in Performance

A Fortune 100 manufacturing enterprise implemented Equalum to replace legacy ETL processes that were responsible for delivering data in batch to their data warehouse. After migrating to Equalum, the team saw a 65% reduction in engineering time spent configuring and managing data pipelines, and a 15x performance improvement, in their batch data warehouse ETL processes.

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