Access ERP/CRM Data in Real-Time

Extract critical data from enterprise applications – without a line of code

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Use Case

Ingest data from SAP, Hybris, Salesforce, and other enterprise applications/data sources – in real-time or batch – to centralized data stores (data warehouse or data lakes).

How Equalum Helps

Enterprise applications house critical business data on everything from inventory levels to sales and HR. But it’s challenging to move that data into a centralized data store, where it can be fed into an analytics environment. Extracting data from the business layer typically requires custom development and ongoing maintenance (e.g, for cross-version support), or expensive and cumbersome native connectors like SAP’s Process Integration (PI) toolkit. And batch jobs to pull data from the underlying infrastructure layer rely on either homegrown scripts or traditional ETL – both of which require complex querying, and can fail under heavy loads.

Equalum makes it easy to gain real-time insight into ERP and CRM data by connecting to any enterprise application and streaming data back to your database or data lake – the instant it’s created.

The Equalum Difference

Plug-and-play integration

Seamless integration with all major ERPs and CRMs, with zero coding required; breakthrough use of CDC places minimal strain on enterprise applications.

Real-time or batch support

Built with Spark and Kafka for scalability; Equalum supports blazing fast data ingestion between any number of sources and targets in real-time or batch.


Greater capabilities at a lower cost of ownership than native connectors – for an enterprise-wide solution.

Real-Time Supply Chain Optimization

Equalum integrates directly with a Fortune 100 manufacturer’s ERP to pull inventory levels and pricing into its analytics environment, where this data is correlated with equipment sensor data to power real-time supply chain optimization.

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